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We approach the creative process similar to building a new recipe - using the classics as our backbone, bringing in bright new flavors strategically, and always having a mindset for learning new skills.

We always strive to take our designs one step further, by integrating brand strategy and storytelling. We are honored to serve clients both locally and from around the globe, and have worked with new businesses, startups and large corporate brands. All are welcome here!


I'm Rachel

(she/her) Founder + Lead Designer behind R. S. Creative

I also consider myself as a gardener, painter, artist, illustrator, home baker, hiker, rock climber, cat lover, wife, aunt, sister, daughter, idea person, Vermonter, traveler, dreamer, singer, basketball player, and so much more....


Our values

Fueled by Creative IDeas, Grounded by purpose.

We like to think BIG here - like Grand Canyon big.
This can be a lot at first, but we always bring it back to your goals, and make sure the final product matches your vision. We will provide updates on your project’s progress along the way. To keep things on track, we'll have a timeline and regular check-ins. I'm not only your strategist and designer, I'm your brand's #1 fan and supporter, helping you get off your feet! 

Trust + Transparency
When you understand the why behind what we do, everyone can walk away empowered. We make an effort to be up front and clear with you about our design decision and why we believe it's the right one for your business.

We serve clients from our Concord, New Hampshire based studio and are honored to work with businesses big and small locally, regionally and from around the globe.