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One of our favorite way to expand a brand's visual language is through a mural. Murals are a great way to create buzz, community engagement, and expand how your brand speaks to the community at large.

We've had the pleasure of working with small businesses ranging from coffee shops, restaurants, bakeries and boutique shops, all looking to create opportunities to connect with their clientele in a new and unique way.


Local Press:

Check out our feature in the Concord Insider, and selection by the Chamber of Commerce as the Young Professional of the Month for July 2023, for our engagement with the community through murals.

"Rachel helped liven up a space in our new cafe in downtown Concord. We're So grateful to her artwork in our shop!"
- Emmett Soldati


Cafe - concord, NH

Artisan Eyewear

Boutique shop - meredith, NH

Artisan Eyewear sells designer eye glass frames, with a huge range of shapes, colors and styles. Creating a mural that drew customers in to Natalie's shop, while also highlighting these unique, yet small products was key. We focused on making something fun, that created movement along the shop wall, as well as a spot for 'insta-worthy' pictures.

Ginger Fox bakery

Bakery - Stratham, NH

Ginger Fox Bakery is a high-end English-style inspired bakery in Stratham, NH. I had the opportunity to paint the mural while the space was undergoing renovations inside, but the words the aesthetic, were 'bold, sleek and sexy'. We opted to incorporate the words mischievous and sly into this continuous line design to align with the brand's fox theme, and add pops of color to ensure the mural would catch people's eyes the busy road the bakery is on.