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4 Simple Ways to Show Customer Appreciation

February 6, 2022

Showing customers that your value them is the first step to building customer loyalty. A branded customer experience to build a strong voice and create resources that support your mission.

An Elevated Client Experience: Getting Beyond the First Date with Your Customers

All too often we’re so focused on getting new leads and customers that we forget that in order for customers to stick around, we have to not skimp where it counts, and continue to show value.

After a first date, the first gesture afterwards sets the tone for what comes next. Similarly, by having a thoughtful follow-up gesture built into your customer experience, you can feel confident knowing your customers feel taken care of, and prepared for whatever comes next.

Whether you’re new to romance or celebrating your Tin anniversary (that’s 10 years by the way), you know that feeling valued by your partner is a huge part of any relationship and that it’s all about consistently showing up.

When it comes to business, it’s no different – so why not start off on the right foot?

Simple gestures to show you value your new customers:

Once a customer has taken that first step in your process, or has purchased your product, this is your chance to truly show your appreciation, and teach them what your brand is all about.

1. Create an automated email welcome series

Consistent, clear communication is key to any healthy relationship. Sending a uniquely written email to each client you onboard might seem like a nice personal touch, but isn’t realistic if you want to scale your business.

Choose an email platform, and create a simple 3-part welcome series sharing what they can expect now that they’ve decided to work with you! This will make customers feel appreciated, and will ensure that you get all of your branded content and information out in a timely and consistent manner to each customer.

If you’re looking for a platform that provides great templates and examples to work with, I personally LOVE Flodesk.

2. Include a personalized welcome video saying hello to your client (a digital bouquet of roses!)

Connecting with customers starts the moment they walk in the door. Whether that's through a digital email series or printed mailing, make sure your brand voice shines through.

Depending on how hands-on you are with your clients, a personalized welcome video might be a great way for people to get to know you, and connect with customers from afar. Especially during a time when face-to-face time with clients is limited due to the pandemic, anything you can do to create connection will set you apart and show your brand and personality.

A great tool for this: LOOM! A free video creation tool with a Google Chrome extension, you can create quick screen shares and videos to elevate your brand and share next steps with your customer.

3. A branded welcome package – who doesn’t love a care package?

A welcome package is a great way to showcase your brand voice and brand pillars. For example, if your brand is all about sustainability and providing eco-friendly products, make sure your welcome package is designed with paper products printed on sustainable paper or in a carbon neutral facility. While things like this may add upfront costs, if it’s of value to you, it will most likely be of value to your ideal customer. They will appreciate you making this extra effort!

An elevated client experience starts with making your customer feel valued. This eco-friendly mailer is one example of how to create a positive impression from the get-go.
Noissue offers customizable package design. Inquire with us to help design your packaging!

*The part most of my clients forget to do: sharing this added value! Yes, this might feel like bragging, but if you don’t point out what you’re doing to go above and beyond, your efforts might go unnoticed.

4. A simple branded welcome notecard (snail mail is the best)

If you’re not sure you need a full welcome package for your clients, we’re here to help. While we love designing full customer experience packages, simple postcards or notecards can be a great starting point and effective way to show your appreciation. Add a handwritten note, and that’s the icing on the cake!

Schedule a free session with us to talk through what you might need and brainstorm ideas!

In the meantime, check out this example of a custom designed notecard we created for donors who gave to an international water non-profit:

A branded welcome notecard can make customers feel valued for their business. By building connection in these small ways, you also build brand awareness and trust.
A simple greeting card design as part of a donor appreciation campaign.

So what comes next? Celebrating anniversaries!

When you continue to invest in your customers (and your brand) through a branded customer experience, not only will you be reinforcing your brand values, but you’ll be building on that relationship that will create the foundation for a repeat customer.

If you’re already past the ‘first date’ stage with your customers, or have a branded welcome package, take the next step to show your customers you value them:

  • Reward repeat customers through a referral program
  • Don’t forget to thank them! (every step of the way)
  • Follow-up for feedback

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this blog post where we’ll be sharing all about our own client referral program 😉

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