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An Interactive Mural with Dunkin’ Donuts

November 15, 2023

A free-standing mural design illustrated by Rachel Sotak for Dunkin' Donuts

Recently, I completed an interactive mural project in partnership with Dunkin’ Donuts’ college tour. The project aimed to raise brand awareness of Dunkin’s latest product offerings to students at the University of New Hampshire in a highly engaging way. Students had the opportunity to assist in filling in the outlined design, allowing them to put their own creative spin on the mural.

The illustration itself aimed to meld the brand identity of these two entities, by creating a nostalgic greeting-card-esk design with customized elements that featured UNH. The digital design was then used to create unique koozies given away during the event. The mural will be displayed in the University of New Hampshire student center, where it will become part of their campus experience.

Making Murals Approachable

Murals can be cost-prohibitive for many small businesses and brands that are just starting out. This style of mural reduces the labor cost that goes into a mural price, making it a more approachable option for some. Using this free-standing mural model will give small businesses the opportunity to experience the influence a mural can generate, at an approachable price point.

By having the design printed, it created a giant coloring book for Dunkin’s target audience. Additionally, the interactive nature of this free-standing mural allowed students to feel like they were a part of a brand’s visual identity. These experiences can build connections and long-term brand loyalty.

Rachel Sotak poses in from of an interactive mural experience she designed for students at UNH, in conjunction with Dunkin' Donutes

“I wanted to bring Dunkin’s fun, energetic brand personality to life and marry it with the university’s logo, mascot and Durham’s key campus features. By empowering students to fill in elements of the design, this project built a deeper connection between the students and the brand in an authentic, memorable way.”

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