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3 Must-Have Assets for Starting Your Food Truck Business

November 27, 2021

Branding resource for how to market your food truck

This one is for all my foodies out there who are thinking of hitting the road with their culinary dreams, but aren’t sure where to start.

If you’ve ever tried to do research on starting a food truck, or googled tips on how to market your food truck, you know that there isn’t one golden go-to place to find all the answers. It’s a lot of trying to search for the treasure map of all the tips and the secret sauce of others who have come before you.

Well, I’m here to help solve one part of the mystery – how to prioritize your branding design and marketing assets.

1. Start with the Truck

After all there is no food truck without the truck…whether you decide to go with a full-on truck, trailer or other method for moving your delicious food around, having a mobile business offers a HUGE advantage when it comes to advertising and brand awareness. While brick and mortar businesses have to focus their initial marketing budget on teaching their customers where they are located, your truck can serve as a moving billboard to engage with potential customers and teach people about your business and product. Whether you are parked at an event, or driving down the highway, it can serve as a tool that over time will build brand recognition and loyalty.

Why you shouldn’t skimp on your food truck’s wrap design:

  1. Moving billboard + brand recognition = double win
  2. Engaging designs can serve as ways for customers to interact with your brand, post about you on social media, and expand your reach (see below)
  3. It’s the first impression your customers have of a new food experience, so good taste and intention are key.

2. Your Website

Remember how I said being mobile is great? So is consistency… and your customers need one consistent place they can always count on you being. Setting up an online calendar with an events schedule of where you’ll be located each week will allow for new customers to find out where you’ll be next, and loyal customers to come back for seconds ;). 

Other Important Marketing Features on your Website:

Contact Form for Catering Gigs:

Create an inquiry form with specific questions geared towards your ideal customer and event size to let people know that you’re available for private events!

Your Menu:

Keep an up-to-date menu on your website so customers can refer to it at any time!

3. Your Social Media Presence

There’s no better way to connect with people than through delicious food – so be sure to use social media as a tool to connect with your niche, learn about and promote foodie events, and share behind-the-scene tips and recipes.

Other Social Media Must-Haves for Food-Based Businesses:

Quality brand photography:

There’s nothing less appetizing than food that isn’t photographed well. Invest in a foundational photoshoot of your core menu to get your business off your feet, and rotate the images through your social media channels.


Ready-made templates for Instagram that are on-brand with your business can make keeping a consistent posting schedule easier to maintain, while also allowing for spontaneity and quick updates.

Our recommendations (in order of priority) for your food truck marketing budget

  • Brand Strategy + Brand Design
  • Food Truck Wrap
  • Basic Website (including Event Calendar + Contact Form)
  • Brand Photography, then Social Media Templates
  • BONUS(if budget): Packaging + SWAG Design

I hope this guide was helpful in getting the wheels turning in the right direction, and you more excited about serving your food than worried about all the steps you have to take to get there!

We’re here to help you on your journey, whether that’s for just one piece of puzzle mentioned above, or the whole enchilada! Learn more about our creative services here, or inquire and tell us about your dream food truck business.

Share in the comments what you’re struggling with the most, so we can provide more great resources in the future!

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